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Prompt #3

A research on homelessness by Christian, Jennifer Howson, Alexandra addresses the increasing of homelessness. In this research they mention although homelessness is more viable and relevant in the twenty first century than prior decades, it still remain challenging to provide prevention programs and resolutions to end this epidemic of homeless. They stated that homelessness is a large urban problem and it continue to rise because of lack of affordable housing and poverty, although it is also cause by other societal problems. Therefore, the focus is to provide facts on why increase of permanent affordable housings and federal housing resources would have a large impact as solution to ending homelessness. The research was based on both quantitative and qualitative research by providing different experience of homelessness and the cause and the number of people affected by the cause of them being homeless. Some compared examples are the number of homelessness caused by poverty and their
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These popular media sources all post different issues and despite the difference in issues, they have one thing in common which are all attached to social inequality, and somehow wind around governmental issues. the most concern social issues are being published to the public, the issues with come across daily, such as gender inequality, race, economic etc.. only few of these issues are informed by social science and other issues are informed by journalist which refer their publication from the studies of social sciences. The negative is more published than the positive. my concerns would be what are their suggestions of possible solutions.
To my understanding, this topic talks about fathers jobless fathers doing what is supposed to be women jobs. Men being involve in families, the ideals shift of men and women now have high paid jobs. Gender roles here are parents babysitting their children while their women work full time or are pursuing high education. Johnathan being example here, he stays at home, barely have his own money while his wife works and continues with her education. He also use his wife’s money to pay for dinner and his father find that unacceptable, wrong. Like the article said, the division of labor here is shifted and that men had to go through what women went though. Women are now doing blue color jobs. I would ask them if they feel inferior to their wives being in that position. 
although these articles are different from one another, they were written by all sociologists which address the issue of the sociologist. The issue of sociology not used as it suppose to and how sociology is being portrait. most of these articles argued that sociologists like them and others are not using the their knowledge to create change, their knowledge are not effective in society and that it really frustrate them. and i think Roja in his article elaborate more on how he think is the cause of society is forgetting sociologist. he said that sociologists focus on piling new and new researches instead of using what they already to know to make change, basically sociologists don't actually apply their knowledge on society. I totally agree with him but i think the main reason why sociologists are not applying their theoires, knowledges  is because society has been transformed to something new, called the capitalist society where nothing should be equal, where class struggle shoul
How would you define sociology? What is the sociological perspective?  What is useful about sociology? What are the benefits of the sociological perspective?  How can it be used outside of academic walls? Sociology to me is the study of the society, the relationship, the interaction, and most importantly the culture of a society. sociology is also a science, a different type of science (social science) with it own methods that are used to identify a a social problem in order to develop a plan of change. The Sociological Perspective is more of viewing the relation, or connection between the behavior of a group of people and its society. sociological studies displays a very important role in this world we live in, although it is not being credited and i find everything about sociology very useful ; it theories, the logic of it. sociology is used to predict the future society and ways of living and we can connect our present world to what the sociological fathers have predicted many ye

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The name is Lawale, you can call me Lulu or Lu. people find me interesting but i don't think i am. as a new blogger who loves fashion you will be reading my views on sociological perspectives (feel free to share your views) and everything i know about fashion. A little bit more about me: i am a college student, who is studying sociology as a major and french as a minor. why a sociology major? well i can say that I've always wanted to know how society functions, how and why do society ends up in situations such as poverty, civil wars, homeless, basically why things happens the way they are.